SOCIAL POSTS 2021 to 2022

Goal is to drive the CAT user definition more in use and in lifestyle as a rugged phone brand. Posts will be promoted to widen the audience. We will be creating 4 users groups based on intertests to measure the exposure and results while defining our audience better in SA.


Friday 26 November 2021

The Cat S62 Pro features the most advanced integrated thermal camera available in a smartphone. Use it to discover more about the world around you, even in complete darkness; monitor, diagnose, reveal and save time. #ruggedphones #CatS62pro


Monday 29 November 2021

Don’t go chasing waterfalls… without your Cat Rugged Phone. Waterproof and weather resistant to cold and mist. The Ideal phone for all adventures. #ruggedphones #catphones

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Glove-on Technology – Cat Rugged Phones feature ultra bright, rugged touchscreens which remain responsive, even when you’re wearing gloves.  #ruggedphones #catphones


Friday 3 December 2021

Tough Phones Inside and Out – Cat phones are built rugged, perfect for construction sites, farms or extreme, outdoor environments – without compromising on design.
#ruggedphones #catphones



Monday 6 December 2021

Thermal imaging s making its mark in many industries and can provide new insights for farming such as diagnosing diseases in livestock, detecting leaks or mechanical wear issues. Discover the Cat S62 Pro today.
£ruggedphones #CatS62pro


Wednesday 8 December 2021

Cat Rugged Phones – A tool for every trade. Sure, these phones are not for everyone. But if you work in tough environments, Cat phones are built for you.
 #ruggedphones #catphones

Friday 10 December 2021

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Monday 13 December 2021

Thermal imaging technology can be used as a method for non-invasive study of thermogenesis in neonatal lambs. It can even be used to detect stress in pigs. The Cat S62 Pro featured next-gen thermal imaging.
#ruggedphones #CatS62Pro

Wednesday 15 December 2021

A Rugged Phone says a lot about you. It says you’re a worker, a builder, a maker – someone who needs tools, not toys. Someone who values tradition and toughness in an unstable world. We made this phone for you. #ruggedphones #catphones




Friday 17 December 2021

The Rugged Phone category continually grows as users demand devices that are built to last through everyday life mishaps. Consumers want to avoid costly repairs or replacements and are keeping devices longer often past contract expiry. Discover the Cat Rugged Phone range today.  #catphones #ruggedphones

Monday 20 December 2021

NOW is the right time to Go Rugged with the Cat S42 H+. Lose the fear with a phone that is waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof and scratch-proof. #ruggedphones #catS42H+



Wednesday 22 December 2021

The choice of first responders worldwide for their toughness, durability and hygienic qualities. All Cat Rugged Phones are waterproof, dust-proof, drop-proof and scratch-proof. #ruggedphones #catphones #catS42H+ #catS52 #catS62pro


Friday 24 December 2021

All rugged Cat phones are more than simply a little splash proof. They’re specially designed to perform to high standards even in wet environments. You can use them without worry in the rain and know they’ll survive a fall into water. #ruggedphones #catphones

Saturday 25 December 2021

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Monday 27 December 2021 

The catch of the day. Cat Rugged Phones shine in a extreme work conditions where fragile phones would not last.  Tough cases, screens, waterproof and drop-proof. Get yourself a phone built for it. #ruggedphones #catphones



Wednesday 29 December 2021

If you’re in business then you’re no stranger to cold calling. Speaking of cold – Cat Rugged Phones are IP68 and MIL-STD-810G rated which means they can operate in freezing -30°C to boiling hot 65°C.
#ruggedphones #catphones


Friday 31 November 2021

Made for the builders, creators, makers and do-ers. Cat Rugged Phones are comfortable in workshops, garages, on-site or out in the field. Get one in your pocket with our VIP upgrade service.  #catphones #ruggedphones 



Monday 3 January 2022

An iconic Yellow Button that can be programmed to do almost anything. A fingerprint sensor on the back and ability to use it with wet hands or gloves on. You really want to get your hands on a Cat S62 Pro, don’t you?
 #ruggedphones #CatS62Pro 


Wednesday 5 January 2022

The choice of firefighters as the can take a knock, drop, water, heat and smoke. Cat Rugged Phones have a reputation of ruggedness and reliability in extreme work environments.  #ruggedphones @catphones

Friday 7 January 2022

“You’ll find my Cat Phone next to my work boots. Cause when I leave for work in the morning, I leave with both of them on me.” ~ Construction Joe
#ruggedphones #catphones

Monday 10 January 2022

Fishing Trips. Early mornings, mist, waterr, bait, wind and rain. Photo of the catch of the day. A Cat Rugged Phone withstands the toughest of conditions to be the Fisherman’s Friend.
#ruggedphones #CatS42H+

Wednesday 12 January 2022

TEXT DIRTY! Grit, grime and gears. Hard working environments are no place for a fragile phone. Get a Cat Rugged Phone.

#ruggedphones #catphones



Friday 7 January 2022

We took the Cat S42’s IP69 rated, military grade body and enhanced it with silver ions that fight the growth of bacteria. So no matter how dirty things may get, your phone will always be there for you. #catphones


Friday 14 January 2022

When your office is a field station, the tailgate of a truck or the bush veld – you need a phone that is build tougher with an all day battery to keep your connected. Take a look at the Cat Rugged Phone range.
#ruggedphones #catphones



Monday 17 January 2022

Cat Rugged Phones VIP Upgrade Service – Just fill in the form, bang submit and we do the rest. All Networks, All Contracts. Upgrading to a Rugged Phone is simple and easy. Go Rugged today.
#ruggedphones #catphones



Wednesday 19 January 2022

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Friday 21 January 2022

When the going gets tough, the tough get a Cat Rugged Phone. Solid , tactile phones with IP68 or IP 69, Mil-Spec 810H rating, dustproof and drop proof to 1.8m, vibration, sand, salt mist and pressure resistant. #ruggedphones #catphones




Monday 24 January 2022

Measure twice, cut once. Survey the range, buy one. Cat Rugged Phones are work tools that are built to last. #ruggedphones #catphones 






Wednesday 26 January 2022

As any good electrician knows, you don’t have to be a bright spark to appreciate how handy the Thermal Imaging on the Cat S62 Pro is for visually detecting shorts or electrical issues. Work smarter – not harder. #ruggedphones #catphones



Friday 28 January 2022

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Monday 31 January 2022

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Wednesday 2 February 2022

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