We decided to ‘test drive’ a CAT S42 smartphone in the hands of a plumber.

For just over two weeks, Divan from AJC Plumbing took the phone and put it through its paces. He was asked to use it just as a plumber would during the normal day-to-day work of a plumber.

It is in the same price range as other smartphones, and is value for money, according to Divan. Except it has a few added advantages.

The handling ability of the phone was excellent and easy to manage in one’s pocket.

As a handheld unit, it fits comfortably in one’s hand and considering the environment a plumber works in, is accessible when needed.

Connectivity was inclined to be slow when moving from one app to another (disregarding the signal shedding that Vodacom is known for!)

As one knows, a plumber can be on the ground, working at roof level, in the roof, drains and working with equipment that demands all the attention of the plumber.

The CAT fell into water (we all know cats do not like water!), but this one did not object at all. Just a quick rub down and it was working again. As for heights the CAT landed on its feet.

Battery life is good, averaging 50% usage per day. This is critical for a plumber should he/she need to contact office quickly.

Highly recommended for both maintenance and construction plumbers. Divan concluded by stating: “This phone has more chance of survival than most others in the plumbing sector.”

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