There are very few things that can cut a diamond. Most of the time, we resort to lasers to get the job done and while the Cat S62 Pro is anything…

7.7 Great Ultimately, the Cat S62 Pro proves rugged phones needn’t look like bricks around a fishpond. It’s durable, surprisingly powerful and looks great while doing it all. Sure, the camera could be a little better and the battery could last longer but at the end of the day, this is a device that’s remarkably powerful, with an excellent spread of internals and actual thermal vision Screen 8

Camera 7

Build Quality 9

Battery 6.5

Speed 8

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but laser-precise, the phone seems built to crack open a diamond just by leaning on the thing. Which is great for Cat enthusiasts because if you’re looking at the S62 Pro, odds are you’re in need of a device that can withstand a (rather long) fall or will last on a single charge for days on end. If that sentiment rings true for you, you’re looking at Cat’s single greatest phone, offering both of above features by sacrificing some luxuries.

The Cat S62 Pro is an absolute weapon of a device. With a solid build, improved internals, some needed quality of life improvements, and a fantastic design overhaul, it is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of rugged phones. But like, 1980s Predator-era Arnie. Peak Arnie. And, like peak Arnie, this phone shrugs off the moisture — it’s rated IP69, so you’ll battle to kill it. We loved every minute of testing it… if we ignore the disappointing (regular) camera.

Cat out the bag

The most important aspect of the Cat S62 Pro is obviously its rugged efficiency. It’s clear that it was designed to withstand a hit. More than just a hit, this phone feels like you could take down a brick wall with it, in the event you forgot your bulldozer at home. Okay, that’s hyperbolic but every aspect of the S62 Pro feels built with endurance in mind. The build quality is tremendous and makes this one of the few devices we’ve reviewed that we weren’t terrified of breaking. We thought the Cat S42 was solidly built but it pales in comparison to this beast.

That’s standard for a Cat phone, right?…

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